LED Filament Lamp Advantages

Compared with the incandescent lamp and common LED lamp, LED filament lamp has both advantages and avoid their disadvantages:

1. 360 degree full angle light emitting stereo light source

LED light source in the past, like LED, LED, COB plug patch, integrated high-power LED lamp, in the optical device without lens like, can only be a plane light source, but the LED filament broke through this point, the porous metal substrate single crystal welding technology, truly realized 360 degrees the whole point of light solid light source, avoid the influence of light plus lens effect and optical loss caused by the problem, to meet the customer demand from the perspective of light, brings hitherto unknown lighting experience and more energy saving.

2. High CIR, High Lumen

Blue + Red chip package, can make the color to achieve the traditional lighting effect, improve the light efficiency and brightness, instead of the traditional blue and green phosphors to increase the brightness of the process.

3. In line with the people's habit of appearance of the light source

LED filament in line with consumer demand: when the filament to meet consumer demand in the market to dominate the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps are still the most can be accepted by ordinary consumers is not to change the product is used in lighting, LED fully meet consumer habits for filament lamps understanding.

4. Compared with the ordinary LED lamp, low cost

Compared with the general use of LED lamps, LED filament lamp is mainly the sapphire substrate and the wick, instead of non renewable aluminum and non degradable plastic. Because the phosphor powder is coated on the sapphire substrate of the 0.8mm, the fluorescent powder consumption is less than the ordinary packaging form. Mainstream models from the current point of view, in accordance with the power is generally only 25, 28, 32 chip package, compared to the same number of common package, the use of LED chip is also less, then the corresponding overall cost is lower than ordinary LED.