The overall layout of Zhongzhou photoelectric LED filament lamp production. Zhongzhou photoelectric since June 2013 off the original LED packaging business, focus on R & D and production of LED filament. "At present, Zhongzhou photoelectric LED filament production capacity has reached 6 million months, and according to production orders." Zhongzhou photoelectric sales director Yu Xiang said, at present, Zhongzhou photoelectric sales of LED filament, and has begun the layout of LED filament lamp production.

Recently, Zhejiang depth Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. announced a comprehensive development and manufacture of LED lamp ball bulb, located in Zhejiang County of Xianju Province, the production base is mainly used for the production of pellets LED light bulb, and plans to build a leading domestic manufacturing LED filament lamp within two years. On the production target, the company said: "we are characterized by a large number of production of a large number of varieties. This will be able to play a scale advantage in the field of subdivision".

Yapu'er successful transformation by LED filament lamp. The traditional incandescent lamp manufacturers Yapu'er in recent years trying to find a successful transformation of LED road. At the end of 2011 began to try to invest in R & D LED filament lamps, successfully launched in June 2012. March 2013 will Yapu'er products for the optimization and the establishment of the first production line in Sichuan, Guanghan, established in February 2014 second production base in Shanghai. Now Yapu'er filament lamp production capacity has reached 4 million / month, this year's goal is 10 million / month. At present, Yapu'er has established the LED lighting as the main direction of the next three years, and plans to launch in 2017. "With LED, LED lamp filament lamp lamp, T8 lamp, T5 lamp with auxiliary matching as the main direction, the year 2014 reached 1 billion yuan sales target."

The transition from Yapu'er's success can be seen, LED filament lamps appeared in the "energy saving" the plight of incandescent lamp enterprises, is undoubtedly a gospel. The enterprise can use the existing technology and production line of LED light bulb is connected by a wire, the incandescent lamp glass bracket design LED filament original incandescent lamp light, had a high rate of special glass and automatic blowing glass bulb production technology, production of incandescent lamp in the shape of the ball bubble, thus producing cost-effective LED lamps ball bubble lamp. This is also a breakthrough in the transformation of the incandescent lamp enterprise LED.