"LED filament lamp is only a transitional product to LED lighting, is a hot wind", the industry popular such a statement. In view of this argument, the reporter interviewed some of the enterprises:

The depth of Zhejiang general manager Zhang Zhen said, LED is the future of the filament lamp lighting, ordinary LED light source as 50000 hours of life, there is no basis, a product for 10 years, is laoliang, is to be replaced, so the market is the real need of high quality products, no other LED lights the price can be better than LED filament lamp. In the future, the price of 10 yuan in the following is the product to achieve. "From the market point of view, LED light bulb pellets while reducing the overall cost of LED lamps, LED lamps and then enhance the competitive advantage of traditional lighting to LED lighting, enter the ordinary families; on the other hand, it is conducive to the emergence of our new product development greatly, more importantly, the LED lamp fully meet the consumers for pellets lamp lighting habitual understanding. A large number of talented people in the development of filament lamps, will drive the development of LED lights, the filament lamp is bound to be because of its unique performance and price, active in the lighting market."

Shenzhen delipu Pu bearing product manager said, LED filament lamp is a transitional product, but also for the length of time is long. LED filament lamp, as a home improvement and commercial lighting in the use of the art category, lighting effect is the original intention of customers to buy. LED fluorescent lamp, LED lamp now is the development of traditional lighting based on the demand structure and use. In that way, they are also transitional products.

Shanghai Yapu'er deputy general manager Sun Ming said, we believe that it is the ultimate product of LED bulbs, is a combination of LED and traditional light source perfect products. The product realizes the full optical axis in the true sense, has high luminous efficiency, perfect design and scientific means significantly, truly energy saving and environmental protection, and the traditional lamps to achieve the perfect collocation! Its application prospects will be very broad!

"Since 2014, the United States, China, South Korea and Australia and other countries and regions of the" white ban "policy will extend from the existing commercial and industrial areas to the civil areas, carry out energy-saving emission reduction to residential indoor lighting, coincides with the development of LED filament lamp. The development of LED filament lamp is not only a blast, it appears with a revolutionary significance, as long as the breakthrough technology bottlenecks, reduce the cost of future price impact on the field of LED lighting will gradually increase, and it is a part of "nostalgia" meets the needs of the population, the potential of the market is very good, the future will occupy a part of the market."