At present, the incandescent lamp is facing the phase out of phase, energy-saving lamps, LED lights to become the mainstream of the market. But because the price is cheaper, some people still think that the use of incandescent lamp. Some people think that energy-saving lamp price is high, there are people that LED lamp prices. So incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, LED lamp who is the most cost-effective? This experiment tells you the answer.

Survey article: energy saving lamps and LED lamps supporters almost

Before the start of the experiment, the reporter conducted a visit to the investigation, to see people in the minds of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps who have the highest price. People Lee grandmother said, I still use the incandescent lamp, because it is cheap. He said, "I think the effect is certainly better, brightness LED lamp, but the power, I think it is not too much and the LED lamp, but the purchase price on the LED lamp but also expensive, so considering the possible energy saving lights better."

Mr. Zhang said, "it must be a LED light. Now LED lights is the trend, my house is the installation of LED lights, businesses in the sale of the time also said that this is more power, and more bright. I used to feel good, so I think the price should be the highest."

Some interviews down, energy-saving lamps and LED lights supporters almost. So what is it like to be with the public? Only from the results of the experiment to find the answer.

Experiment: LED lights in brightness and power to better

Experimental instruments: table lamp, clamp ammeters, tape, ST series of illuminance meter, incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps etc.

Experimental location: Nanchang Aviation University Physics Experiment Center

Laboratory staff: Zhu Quanshui, Nanchang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(Note: this experiment is only responsible for this experiment)

Reporters purchased 3 common lights on the market experiments, respectively, 40W incandescent, 10W energy saving lamps, LED 5W lights, the price is 2 yuan, 10 yuan, 15 yuan.

"Although the lights are marked by power, but this data is not an actual lamp power, so in the experiment, I will go to a" good brothers "-- on ammeter to help, use it to measure the actual current of the lamp, and through the actual power calculation of light." Before the start of the experiment, the researchers said: "people in the choice of lamps often will also take into account the brightness problem, so in this experiment I will ask another" good brothers "-- to help gauge illumination, brightness is used to test three lights."

Words alone are no proof. evidence. The first appearance is incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp experiments will be installed to a table prepared in advance, the lamp after opening on ammeter current data measured for 0.166A. The experimental personnel, in order to obtain accurate and impartial data, will unify the experimental standard, regardless of which section of the lamp is tested, all the sensor center of the illumination meter is placed in the distance light center 30 cm. In the end, the illumination of the incandescent lamp is 1.03Klx.

After the energy saving lamp, the measured current is 0.037A, the illumination is 0.44Klx. When the LED lamp is replaced, the measured current is 0.032A, the illumination is 1.07Klx.

According to the experimental results, we can see a huge gap in brightness, brightness LED lamp with energy-saving lamps more than two times higher than incandescent lamps become the champion, ranked second, missed only 0.04Klx gap with the champion, energy-saving lamp bottom.

Because the experiment was measured by the current, the current is not the final data, the reason why the test current is calculated when the lights are consumed by electricity. The experimental personnel through the calculation, the incandescent lamp for an hour consumes 0.03652 kwh of electricity; energy saving lamp is an hour consumes 0.00814 degrees of electricity; LED lights one hour consumes 0.00704 kwh of electricity.

Interpretation of article: energy saving lamps and LED lights cost less

Ordinary family every day on 5-6 hours a day, if you press the lights 6 hours, 0.6 yuan per kilowatt basis, according to the power consumption measured in this experiment, the reporter calculated that more than the 40W incandescent lamp to take electricity 47.98 yuan a year, the energy-saving lamp 10W a year to spend power fee of 10.69 yuan, the LED lamp 5W a year to spend 9.25 yuan electricity. It is clear that the use of incandescent lamp is the most non economic. LED light is more expensive than the price of energy-saving lamps, but the electricity is cheaper.

Nanchang Aviation University Physical Experiment Center Zhu Quan water, according to the national standard 9473-2008 GB/T read and write operations desk lamp performance requirements, with the daily table lamp from the desktop 300mm, the minimum illumination of 250lx. According to the "indoor lighting and lighting design requirements" interior decoration in general 300lx ~ 750lx. If the white walls and other high reflection coefficient of the decorative part 300lx brightness can be, so from the point of view, whether it is as an indoor lighting or lamp light source, incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps are to meet the requirements. From the price point of view, energy-saving lamps and LED lights are not a big difference.

Experts advise students to use LED lights

Zhu also said that although both the overall price is almost, but he is more recommended for students to use LED lamp lighting. The teacher explained, the incandescent lamp of the thermal effect of tungsten light, work principle and energy saving fluorescent lamp as the ultraviolet, emitted by heating the filament emission electron collisional argon atoms and mercury atoms, then UV excited phosphor. Therefore, energy-saving lamps produce light flicker, energy-saving lamp will flash the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, long-term use of easily causing damage to the eyes of a child. The LED lamp is a kind of low voltage DC constant current source, which is a kind of low voltage DC current source. The problem of electromagnetic radiation such as flicker, so there is no energy-saving lamp, it is recommended that students use LED lighting lamp.