1, Are your lamps dimmable, some other suppliers can do dimmable, but with plastic body. How about yours?
    Answer: Yes, all our items can be dimmable, include E12, E14 bulbs. No plastic body.
2,  Have tried from a few other chinese manufacturers but at so far they still suffer quality, flicker on longevity problems. How about yours?
    Answer: We are doing high quality line with constant current driver, sapphire substrate filament. Our non-dimmable bulbs no flickering at all. For dimmable bulbs: no flickering after 0.5m when you see by phone.
3,  What is colour temperature?
     Warm white: 2200k, 2500k, 2700k, 2800k, 3000k
     Natural white: 4000K-4500K
     Pure white: 5000K-5500K
     Cool white: 6000K-6500K
4, We pay much about leadtime, how is yours?
     Answer: We have common products in stock, so quick leadtime within 5 days. If no stock, it will cost about 15-25 days.
5,  Filaments should be crossed not parallel to avoid shadow issue on any surrounds, how about yours?
      Answer: Yes, we are doing well about this issue, they are crossed, no shadow.
6, Do you accept OEM? Can you help us do color box with our logo?
      Answer: Yes, welcome.