What is Led filament Bulb?

Nineteenth Century tungsten lamp led the world into the era of artificial lighting. Since twentieth Century, the emergence of new light source LED revolutionary, with energy saving and environmental protection, long life and other advantages of popular lighting market rapidly, LED has become the mainstream of the lighting in the future, are widely used in commercial lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting etc.. But the development of civil lighting is relatively slow, for many people, LED light is a new type of light source has never been heard. In 2008, Japan launched in the light bulb tail lamp incandescent filament lamp LED prototype configuration LED "reversed this phenomenon," the traditional appearance, upgrade "formula", people saw LED lamps can make it to understand it is familiar with the lighting lamp. Then the LED filament as the light source of the candle lamp, crystal lamp, bulb lights began to appear in large numbers and more and more consumers to accept.

1. Led Filament

LED light source to achieve a certain degree of illumination and the illumination area, optical devices need to be equipped with lens like, not only affect the lighting effects, and poor heat dissipation and reduce the energy saving effect of LED should appear large angle LED filament, solving the above problems, the real implementation of the full 360 degree angle of light, do not need to add a new three-dimensional light source the lens can be realized. LED filament, a new form of LED packaging, but also nowadays the most popular LED products. 

LED filament package is a kind of technology innovation, we know that the ordinary LED lamp is a single voltage of 3.0V chip is fixed on the plastic bracket in the cup, then the dispensing package, PLCC package. The LED filament is fixed on the glass substrate in series with a plurality of chips, and then the die package is completed. LED filament has the characteristics of low current and high voltage, which effectively reduces the cost of LED heating and drive, has outstanding advantages. LED filament process is usually the 28 0.02W 1016 of the LED chip in series package in the long 1.5mm, 38mm diameter of the glass substrate, and then carry out the mold top fluorescent glue to achieve. LED filament use 10mA drive current, voltage 84V, power 0.84W, luminous flux is 100lm, light efficiency can reach 120lm/W, if the red chip index color collocation, can reach more than 95, with excellent photoelectric properties. 


2. Led Filament Bulb

LED filament can be used to produce a variety of small and medium power LED bulb lamp or candle lights. Usually use four LED filament, two series and two can design 3.6W power LED bulb lamp or candle light, luminous flux is 400lm, can replace 40W incandescent bulbs.    


The incandescent lamp factory can make use of existing technology and production line of LED light bulb is connected by a wire, the incandescent lamp glass bracket design original LED filament; light use incandescent lamps had a high rate of special glass and automatic blowing glass bulb production technology, design and production of incandescent bulb like cover, which can produce price the LED light bulb pellets. LED filament has excellent performance, can easily produce 360 full week light bulb, incandescent lamp with similar morphology and distribution curve of light source, is the true sense of the white light on the ideal place. 

The bulb and the production process is simple, low cost of materials, with LED filament packaging technology promotion, support the application of mature, domestic cost of instant molding with silica gel as the representative of the three chemical glass filament support for the breach of the control; the overall cost of LED filament decreased gradually, LED light bulb prices will quickly pellets drop.