In some time ago held in Frankfurt, Germany, Hongkong spring lighting show, LED filament lamp is not uncommon. It is understood that LED filament lamps in foreign markets have long led the hot wind, mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, South america. But in the country for nearly two years to have enterprises to vigorously promote the LED filament lamp, why?

In this regard, Shenzhen delipow product manager Pu bearing analysis, one is in the background light LED price war, a part of packaging enterprises hope that through differentiated products to gain market position and profit, and hope that through cooperation with downstream manufacturers, focus on the advantages of pushing new products, but also can snatch both bulb customers share of the market, so many enterprises choose to develop the LED filament lamp products; two is the LED light source products from the initial pursuit of light effect to expand light quality, enterprises pay more attention to the light of experience, while LED has the advantages of a filament lamp; three is the packaging process in China at this stage have the ability of development mass scale production.

The current cost is still relatively expensive LED filament lamp, presented in the following aspects: material cost, labor cost, efficiency, yield, cost of research and development. In the cost aspect, Ayura Naoyan, "the filament lamp without considering yield, only material and labor cost calculation, cost 3 yuan in the current stage, in particular the filament 3 yuan / root, 3 yuan power supply (constant current source), glass bulb, packaging, artificial gas, a total of 3 yuan". Whether it is according to W/$or LM/$calculation, the current price of LED filament lamps in the domestic, relative to the ordinary LED light source product advantage is not obvious, and decided to order quantity. The follow-up will continue to enter the 1.5 stage, estimated to enter stage 1 yuan or 1 yuan at the end of 14, early 15 years." Yapu'er said with confidence.

LED filament lamp as a new technology, in the development process of the bottleneck is the norm, due to the nature of the enterprise and investment research and development is different, each enterprise encountered difficulties are not the same. Packaging enterprises in Shenzhen yuanlei Tang industry said that the current difficulties from the equipment, specifications are not unified, process efficiency, product performance, equipment according to the demand characteristics of the filament and the market transformation, No. Zhejiang Zhang general traditional lighting manufacturers depth transformation of LED filament lamps said, "the key is to improve the power, the company now has to do 4W, 6W, 8W, and in the development of the 10W and 12W, each W luminous flux of 120LM products. And the design of heat radiation is the focus of research."